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With Phlox® Power Induction, any surface can be turned on an invisible power source

Designers, furniture manufacturers:
extend your design with our Power Induction technology.

Imagine a new era when our houses will at last be free of electric sockets and cables, where all you will have to do is use your intuition to move a light or any electric device towards an invisible source where you want to use it. That is the promise offered by our new integrated exclusive induction system. Of course, we created our own products, but our technology actually opens a new era where only the imagination of our customers will be our limit. | Learn more about Phlox® Power Induction


Our edge lit process can be combined with Power Induction. Renowned designers are already working on future products using this technique. There's no limit to your creativity.

Light fixture designers
Find new inspirational solutions

PHLOX® EDGELIT LED process comes from our breakthroughs in the fields of Machine Vision and Avionics. This process is now compatible with a home use. Resolutely focused on an environmentally sound approach, it stands out especially due to:
- Small footprint,
- Low energy consumption,
- Lasting life cycle (unprecedented in home lighting),
- Perfect control over colour temperature

This process can be integrated into any architectural project or interior decoration design. It offers endless possibilities for Modern Light Fixtures, Luxury Lighting and more. | Ask for a demo

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