Wireless World at hand

Imagine a new era when our houses will at last be free of electric sockets and cables, where all you will have to do is use your intuition to move a light or any electric device towards an invisible source where you want to use it. That is the promise offered by our new integrated exclusive induction system.
Of course, we already have products available, but our technology actually opens a new era where only the imagination of our customers will be our limit.

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When approaching the device to the power source it turns on and starts recharging.


A mains powered emitting source transmits energy without contact to any electrical device provided with a compatible receiver. PHLOX® Power Induction technology does not need much space to be effective:

• Transmitter panel (mm): 170 x 170 x 2
• Electronic unit (mm): 150 x 48 x 15

  • Indicative Power: 50 watts
  • CE Standard certified
  • No radiation or harmful magnetic field.

Power Induction + Battery for Mobility

The device can be provided with a rechargeable battery, making it autonomous at full capacity for several hours. By discovering our induction process, you will have the revelation of the infinite possibilities which are offered to you.

Inductive power at great efficiency

PHLOX®, French company has successfully elevated electromagnetic power induction to a great level of efficiency (registered international patent).
Our process is ready to use.
Any surface (wall, floor, table top...) can be a powerful source of electrical supply. With PHLOX® induction process, all applications up to 50 watts in everyday life are now possible.

Today, no competitive system can compare with PHLOX® Power Induction.

Phlox® Power Induction system


Wireless lighting for Clean Room by Phlox®

Demo of Lighting replacement under 1 minute, no production stop

Do not hesitate to contact us to see our power induction integrated system in action.

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