Picture courtesy of the NASA.

Our quality standards meet your highest requirements

PHLOX® is above all the fruit of work carried out by a team of engineers who believe in innovation. That is why behind each gesture, behind each word, there is a new promise of performance, and of competence…


We offer higher luminance, better uniformity than any other company on the market, and a lumen per watt ratio unequalled today. These technological performances would not mean much if they were not motivated by a spirit of excellence at each step of the way, from research to production, to delivery of the products on your site. Returns are very rare for Phlox Corp. technological products. This objective, which has been a reality for a long time now, has motivated our engineers in their quest for excellence since the very beginning.


Our "standard" products are delivered in less than 48 hours and our Customer Service department is committed to serving you just as quickly. Above all, our engineers can create prototypes and custom made products in record time (5 weeks on the average, design phase included and with total traceability for all the components).


Our organization is designed to offer maximum availability for each team member. Any question you may have is answered the same day because technical skills are not enough.

  • Luminance and uniformity are controlled by an imaging analysis system, in a darkroom.
  • The uniformity is controlled on a grey scale with 256 levels.
  • So as to obtain reliable luminance uniformity measurements, our software is shaded corrected to compensate the camera's lens' angular aperture. Our cameras are calibrated with an integrating sphere every 6 months.
  • Each stage of the manufacturing process is described in writing and photographed.
  • Therefore, we guarantee that the products' quality level is the same for all deliveries.

We adapt our production machine parameters according to the final figures that we want to obtain. In this way, we satisfy clients' requests with adapted solutions or with our standard products.