• Very uniform lighting surface without hot spot

    Our edgelit panel for Internal Aircraft Lighting solutions significantly decrease weight and depth, improve reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. 

    The RGB LED technology allows any color harmony. This is a great asset for companies who want to enhance lighting comfort and well-being for their passengers.

    Some advantages pointed by our customers:

    1. LED technology - Customizable (size, color LED design)
    2. Low power consumption / heating
    3. Slimness for easy integration
    4. Homogeneity of the luminous zone
    5. Wide-range lighting level adjustment (multi-step dimming)


to 48H quote and delivery

5 weeks delivery for custom sizes:
Bespoke solutions for perfect integration in your system

All custom sizes possible:

From 20 x 20 up to 500 x 500 mm (0.787 x 0.787" up to 19.685 x 19.685")