PHLOX® Dome lights uses our lightpipe patented technology allowing better uniformity and efficiency. They are used for various applications due to their ability to provide diffuse and homogeneous illumination. This characteristic is crucial for eliminating shadows and unwanted reflections, which is particularly useful when inspecting shiny or complex surfaces.
Main applications : Inspection of Reflective Surfaces or mirror-like materials such as polished metals, glass, and shiny plastics. Surface Quality Control. To detect surface defects like cracks, chips, stains, and marks on objects such as electronic components, automotive parts, and packaging materials​ Code and Marking Inspection. Assembly Inspection. Inspection of Printing on Packaging. Food Product Inspection, especially those with reflective or irregular surfaces Jewelry and Gemstone Inspection.

  • Available in Standard sizes (mm): Ø 112 - 160x160x73

  • Available in Standard sizes (inches): Ø 4.41 - 6.3x6.3x2.87

  • Custom sizes: Please contact us.