BLCD Backlights by PHLOX® allow you to display patterns or targets on your backlight. USB port: you can upload up to 30 monochrome images 720x720 and you can switch them with a trigger signal from 5 to 24V. Applications : Camera Calibration, Multi-lighting Environments, this backlight can be used in environments requiring multiple lighting setups within the same device. Pattern Projection, Detecting defects or inconsistencies in products with complex surfaces, all in a compact and IP-65 body. PHLOX® is the only manufacturer to provide uniformity and luminance datas on the quality control seal positioned at the back of every backlight.

  • Available in Standard size (mm): 90x90 (panel) | LxHxW: 156x148x18 (housing)

  • Available in Standard size (inches): 3.54x3.54 (panel) | LxHxW: 6.14x5.82x0.7" (housing)

  • Custom sizes: Please contact us